The Butteri: The Temple of Meat in Rome

If you are looking for the best meat restaurant in Rome, your search has come to an end. I Butteri, strategically located at 28 Piazza Regina Margherita, embodies Tuscan culinary excellence in the heart of the Italian capital.

A Choice for True Meat Lovers.

With a history rooted in Tuscan culture, I Butteri is more than just a restaurant: it is a celebration of Italian culinary tradition. Our selection of appetizers will transport you straight to the fields of Maremma, with hot focaccia, Buttero’s taglieri and Maremma crostini.

Main Dishes that Will Leave You Speechless

The Butteri are renowned for their egg pasta, prepared with skill and love, bringing the true essence of traditional Roman and Tuscan pasta dishes to the table. And for pizza lovers, we offer a unique experience with the classic thin and crispy Roman pizza or the soft and fluffy Neapolitan pizza, freshly prepared with a wide selection of flavors.

Carnivore’s Paradise

But it is our meat selection that sets us apart as the best meat restaurant in Rome. With cuts selected and masterfully prepared, we offer Fiorentina, Bistecca, Filetto, Entrecôte and the glorious Buttera, a meat that reflects centuries of Italian culinary tradition.

Homemade Desserts to Finish in Style

And after a delicious meal, you can’t help but indulge in one of our homemade desserts, the perfect way to end any lunch or dinner in style.

A Tradition That Continues

I Butteri is not just a restaurant, but a history of passion for Italian cuisine passed down from generation to generation. With our spacious rooms and outdoor gazebos, we offer a safe and serene dining experience for luncheons, group dinners, corporate dinners, and business parties.

If you are a true meat lover and desire an authentic and unforgettable dining experience, reserve your table at I Butteri today. We look forward to bringing you the best of Tuscan cuisine in the heart of Rome.

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