When the question is asked, “Where absolutely to go to eat in Rome?” the answer can only be one: I Butteri. Located at 28 Piazza Regina Margherita, this restaurant is a true landmark for lovers of good food in the capital. With a menu full of specialties ranging from appetizers to homemade desserts, I Butteri satisfies every palate, offering an unforgettable dining experience.

L’Accoglienza dei Butteri

Entrare da I Butteri significa essere accolti in un ambiente caloroso e familiare. Le ampie sale interne e i gazebo all’esterno permettono di gustare le prelibatezze in totale sicurezza e serenità. Perfetto per pranzi e cene di gruppo, cene aziendali e business party, il ristorante è attrezzato con TV a schermo piatto per non perdere nemmeno un minuto delle partite di calcio più importanti.

A Journey through the Flavors of Tradition

The menu at I Butteri is a journey through the flavors of Roman and Tuscan tradition. The homemade egg pasta is just the beginning of a gastronomic experience that continues with the selection of meats on display: from Fiorentina to Buttera, each cut is masterfully prepared. The pizza, available in thin and crispy Roman or soft and fluffy Neapolitan versions, is also a must for fans.

A History of Passion and Tradition

The history of I Butteri is closely linked to the Tuscan Maremma and the Cardarelli Family. The Butteri, the Italian cowboys, embody the passion and culinary tradition of the region. Each dish prepared tells a story of love for the land and its fruits, reflecting the genuine flavors of Tuscany.

Why Choose I Butteri?

If you are still wondering, “Where absolutely to go to eat in Rome?” here are some answers to common questions:

What are the specialties of I Butteri restaurant?

Specialties include appetizers such as Maremma crostini, traditional Roman and Tuscan pasta dishes, selected meats, and freshly prepared pizzas. Don’t forget the delicious homemade desserts.

Is the restaurant suitable for group events?

Absolutely yes! The spacious rooms and outdoor gazebos make I Butteri the ideal location for group lunches and dinners, corporate dinners and business parties.

Is it possible to watch soccer games at the restaurant?

Yes, the restaurant is equipped with flat-screen TVs to watch all the games.

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